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This article will mentions some of the tools that are used in the computer repair process and if one have enough experience and knowledge in the field of computers then he can himself do the job and save the fee of the technician.

Firstly, if there is a software problem, then it could be caused by some virus that has corrupted the windows file, or there could be a registry problem that would cause the computer to malfunction, or re-boot itself. The most common idea that comes in mind is that these problems cannot be solved and the only way is to re-install the window, but that means that data will be lost. However, there are now tools which could be used to remove these problems without reinstalling the windows. They are called windows utility tools, easily available in market or on internet with proper instruction as to how to use them. Even the computer technicians use these same tools. Example of some tools are Dial-a-fix, which is use to repair the windows files, then there is LSP-fix, which is a tool to repair internet connections damages by malware and buggy software, next is RAW-copy. When a hard becomes inaccessible due to software this program is used to copy the entire hard on another hard disk. There are more than 25 other tools which can be used to resolve the software problem. If it’s a virus or spyware problem then an anti-virus or anti-spyware is needed to remove these.

Secondly, there is hardware problem. These problems can include burnt power supply, damaged DVD-ROM, broken ram, hard drive with bad sector. When it comes to hardware, there are very few utility devices to check them. The repair of damaged parts is almost next to impossible and even when a part is repaired it still can’t be relied upon. However if someone wants to save money, then he can use the repaired parts. For example, if there is a problem with the power supply and its wiring has been burned then he can take it to the professional who will repair it and he can re-install it. Same way, if a hard drive have bad sectors which have been proved with the help of an appropriate software, then one can simply remove the hard himself, go to the market and try to get it repaired by the experts, however, with the hardware problem it is often recommend that they are replaced instead of being repaired, as the repaired hardware cannot be relied upon, and they are unable to function like before.

 A person should learn some of the basic stuff that can be used to repair small problems in the computer, as self repairing will saves the money and time that one has to spend with the technician. However, if the case is severe then one has to go to the professional who will use the specific tools and ways to repair the computer.


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Tools for Computer Repair

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This article was published on 2011/07/12