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Among the brand of meshes used for hernia operations is SURGIMESH. ASPIDE MEDICAL is the company that manufactures this mesh. It is a French company that started operating in the year 1994. In order to design this mesh the company collaborated with surgeons who have performed hernia operations.

Hernia can’t be called a disease; it is more like a medical condition. When an organ starts protruding into the neighboring area where it should not be, the person is said to suffer from hernia. Inguinal hernia is the most common type of hernia.

Most cases of inguinal hernia require surgical intervention to cure them. Before the surgeon who was performing the operation pushed the protruding organ back into place, and then pulled the surrounding tissues together and stitched them. This held the protruding organ in place, but caused the patient to experience chronic pain after the operation. The time need by patient to recover was also long.

With the introduction of meshes all this changed. A new procedure called tension free repair was introduced. It was called tension free repair as it did not involve pulling the surrounding tissues together and stitching them. In this procedure a mesh is used to hold the protruding organ in place. Depending on where the mesh is placed this procedure can be divided into two types – Anterior repair and posterior repair. Anterior repair is the procedure where the mesh is placed on top of the weakened tissue and posterior repair is the procedure where the mesh is placed below the weakened tissue. The time needed to recover was reduced, so was the pain suffered by the patient. These patients had few restrictions placed on them if any.

The company has designed three types of meshes that can be used in hernia operations. They are Surgimesh WN, XB, and EASY PLUG PATCH SYSTEM.

SURGIMESH implanted patients recovered faster and suffered less pain after the operation. There were very few cases of complications among these patients.

Samira Patrick is an expert in the field of Medical Devices and has written various articles on it. She has done an extensive research on Surgimesh and its services.

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Patients becomes active sooner

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This article was published on 2010/12/27